Found this poem

A friend of mine posted this poem on her facebook page, and it has been on my mind since then. I sometimes struggle in ministry with doing things to please people or doing things to get affirmation… instead of BEING, and simply BEING FAITHFUL. I know and understand in my mind that ministry is definitely NOT about pleasing people, and that the motivation is twisted if it’s a motivation to get affirmation. But, ugh! I am so human! I pray that this prayer becomes part of my spiritual DNA.

Deliver me, Jesus —

from the desire of being loved
from the desire of being honored
from the desire of being praised
from the desire of being preferred to others
from the desire of being consulted
from the desire of being approved

from the fear of being humiliated
from the fear of being despised
from the fear of suffering rebuke
from the fear of being forgotten
from the fear of being wrong
from the fear of being suspected

And Jesus, grant me the grace to desire

that others might be loved more than I
that others might be esteemed more than I
that in the opinion of the world, others may increase and I may decrease
that others may be chosen and I set aside
that others may be praised and I unnoticed
that others may be preferred to me in everything
that others may become holier than I, provided that I become as holy as I should.


The Labyrinth

Grass, leaves, dry ground

Stones and winding path

Sun on my face, gentle breeze through my fingers

The crunch beneath my feet

Birds chirping, sirens sound four blocks away

Shoes off, bare feet on the path

Turn toward the center, down a little hill

Shady spot beckons

Keep walking, now turning away from the center

Children laugh, bees buzz, a dog barks

Back up the hill and around another bend

Now in the center, time to pause

The way back out, still winding

Sounds of life all around

But I’ve been to my center

I am still there

I’ve walked all the turns in the path

And I am ready now

The Sin in Freedom

Pawing at the surface

Pushing, clamoring, tearing away

Determination more than panic

Sore with the effort

Ropes around my shoulders

Cold ankle chains

Too weak to hold back passion

“It is for freedom…”

Love has set me free

I will move

I will speak

I will ask

I will sing

This is no sin

The sin was in the chains