You may be wondering if/when I’ll ever blog again… I’m wondering, too. 🙂
Perhaps after family vacation. We’re going to Chincoteague with my husband’s family for a week– looking forward to seeing the ponies, enjoying some good ice cream and beach play.

Lately, our family has been very busy with our backyard pool project (we’re putting in an above-ground pool, but sinking it into the ground a bit, so it’s more like an inground pool). I’ve also started volunteering at our church two days a week, so that has changed my schedule.

Another fairly new development in my life is spiritual direction. I haven’t had a spiritual director for years, and I have found a wonderful sister at the St. Francis Spiritual Center in Aston, PA. She has been speaking encouraging and challenging words into my life and has pointed me toward some wonderful resources to use in meditation and prayer. My soul is feeling nourished in a way that is hasn’t been for quite a while. Ahhhh!

Here is one resource I’m currently using for prayer, if you’d like to check it out on Amazon: Psalms for Praying: an invitation to wholeness by Nan C. Merrill. I highly recommend it. She takes the Psalms and anywhere God is spoken of, she uses the word LOVE or BELOVED. It’s a good reminder for those of us who tend to live in our heads (yes, that’s us graduate students!!!!)… or for anyone yearning to know God’s Love more intimately.

See you after vacation!