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I am honored that the editor of Everyday Liturgy has accepted a short piece I wrote for their Spring Journal, focusing on women in theology.

Click on the link below to see the journal and read my piece, entitled “Our Differences and Our Theology.”


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  1. Mike
    Apr 10, 2009 @ 09:21:45

    First of all, Yay for you! Publication is wonderful!

    And an interesting article. I think you really may be on to something here…. In part I think that because I look at your work, as a woman in a “masculine” field (theology), and see reflections of my own life as a man in a field dominated by “feminine” ideas, values, and practices — though probably not even arguably by women.

    But the interesting thing to me is that, after I got over the few initial bumps in the road, in my career path, when I was accused — openly — of choosing that path out of not passion but expediency, and the later (less open, but more ongoing) bumps that tell me I’m doing it wrong (for a man in the field) which I’m happily learning to ignore, I have found that I do not bring the straightforward, logical, mathematical, “masculine” methods of dealing with problems to my work (or, in large measure, to my life).

    I’m happy, that is, to be in relationship with the “elements” of my work: curriculum, colleagues, students. To structure my work to preserve the best elements of those relationships. I do not view even the most problematic elements of my work as “problems to be solved,” but rather as “opportunities to be addressed,” and I strive to work out how to address them in ways that are win-win, that benefit all parties involved, and that preserve — or even strengthen — relationships.

    This all, I think, makes me good at what I do — at least, at the primary, teaching part of what I do. But I think that others have a point when they tell me that it makes me “bad” at some other parts of my work. And I wonder, at times, if applying this approach as much to my life as to my work, makes me, in some way, a “bad” man, in the world.

    Of course, I’m rambling now. All of this is to say that I really do think you’re on to something here — and that it goes both ways. šŸ™‚


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