Ministry Doubts

Great post from Maggi Dawn on the pressures of professional ministry on a person’s faith. I needed to read this today:


Just popping in to apologize for the sparseness on the blog lately. I am graduating with my MDiv from Biblical Seminary this Saturday, so I’m busy finishing up papers and projects and planning/shopping for my grad party.

God is good! I am so thankful for the priviledge of the last three years! I still have a few Tuesday night classes in May, which are in preparation for our seminary cohort trip to Italy (May 26-June 5, check out our cohort blog about the trip at So Saturday is a symbolic end, not the tangible end… but I am really looking forward to it nonetheless.

Before I end this post, I have to say one other thing– I will miss my mother this weekend very much. I have a sense that she will share the experience with us, but…. to take some pictures with her, to share the moment with her, to hug her… that would be wonderful… and I’ll miss that.

Post ReLaunch…

I think I have written here before about the six-month project at the church where I am serving (Highland Park Community Church). We’ve been praying, preparing the building and worship space, praying, studying about service and ministry and leadership, praying…. doing Outrageous Acts of Kindness in the community and marketing the church… and praying.

Yesterday was the big day– the Grand ReOpening (or ReLaunch) of this community of faith.

…and God was there! We planned for about 75 people and served close to 100. Everything went smoothly and I sensed people were connecting with the message and with God. We’ve been told by church planting consultants that week two can see a drop-off of at least half the number that came on Launch day… so we will see… our hope is to retain around 20 new people over the coming year.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support during this time! Continue to pray that HPCC will be a light in the community and will find many ways to serve where there are needs. Pray that people will find many ways to connect with Jesus through our ministries. And pray that our core group will have healthy relationships with one another and with God as we move forward with this work.

God is good! God is faithful! We belong to Him!

Found this poem

A friend of mine posted this poem on her facebook page, and it has been on my mind since then. I sometimes struggle in ministry with doing things to please people or doing things to get affirmation… instead of BEING, and simply BEING FAITHFUL. I know and understand in my mind that ministry is definitely NOT about pleasing people, and that the motivation is twisted if it’s a motivation to get affirmation. But, ugh! I am so human! I pray that this prayer becomes part of my spiritual DNA.

Deliver me, Jesus —

from the desire of being loved
from the desire of being honored
from the desire of being praised
from the desire of being preferred to others
from the desire of being consulted
from the desire of being approved

from the fear of being humiliated
from the fear of being despised
from the fear of suffering rebuke
from the fear of being forgotten
from the fear of being wrong
from the fear of being suspected

And Jesus, grant me the grace to desire

that others might be loved more than I
that others might be esteemed more than I
that in the opinion of the world, others may increase and I may decrease
that others may be chosen and I set aside
that others may be praised and I unnoticed
that others may be preferred to me in everything
that others may become holier than I, provided that I become as holy as I should.

Published Article

I am honored that the editor of Everyday Liturgy has accepted a short piece I wrote for their Spring Journal, focusing on women in theology.

Click on the link below to see the journal and read my piece, entitled “Our Differences and Our Theology.”