I haven’t posted anything new lately, except by commenting on some of the comments to my post “The Slaughtered Lamb.” That post certainly stirred up some responses! …for which I am glad. I have always intended this site to be a place of conversation starters… and so it has become.

Some reflections on the intense conversation surrounding Mark Driscoll and the diversity within our Christian faith:

It is exceedingly difficult to find the unity within diversity that we all long for… mostly because we’re so human, so frail and prone to pride.  It’s also frightening to talk intensely and directly about some of these issues. They cut to the heart of our identity and belief systems. But these conversations are worth having, and unity is worth striving for, even when it makes us uncomfortable.

One of my friends was pushing me in the area of preaching, and I am now sifting through some of my principles regarding preaching and how it should be done. This is interesting and stimulating. In an age of such diversity within Christianity, how would I approach a sermon on, say, “following the call of Christ to love our enemies”?? Do I preach squarely from where my tradition stands on that issue, or do I study and respect the diversity of beliefs within Christianity and present all sides in my sermon, inviting the congregation to become learners and disciples, discovering their own beliefs, even as I have? Hmmmmm….

The issue of gender— This is such a difficult issue, not only because it touches on identity and calling, but also because it brings up the issue of biblical interpretation.  For many, it is viewed as the ‘slippery slope’ that leads to liberalism in our churches… scripture becomes ‘take it or leave it as you please’…  Sometime soon, I want to revisit one of my earliest posts on my own struggle with this issue, but for now, I will say this:  If I am willing to consider all sides of the issue in a sermon on Christian peacemaking, is there an evangelical preacher who would consider delivering a sermon on this issue, a sermon that would take into account a diversity of interpretations of the Pauline, Genesis and Gospel passages, representing fairly and even-handedly all sides, then inviting the listeners to make their own decisions?  If not, why not?

So, okay, I’m good at opening cans of worms!! This much I have realized. Let me have it! Let’s hear what you have to say… Ready, set, GO!


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  1. Mike
    Aug 12, 2008 @ 17:20:47

    Can open… worms everywhere. Or maybe gauntlet thrown.

    Can’t help you with your questions much, as neither evangelical nor preacher. But I can say this…. I’ve rarely had as much fun treading on cans of spilled worms than I have in discussions on your posts. Thanks for that!


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