Yes and No

I am posting a link to an article below. This article was passed along to me by the pastor at Highland Park Community Church, the church where I am serving as Pastoral Intern of Worship and Arts. My last three posts have linked you with intelligent, strong, faithful women… women who have courageously embarked on the journey of ministry and leadership, who have found their own voice and their own way of living, women who have delved deeply into life and have refused to “settle” for the status quo that traditional Christian society would place upon them as women. To my male and female readers: I hope these women have stretched you, if you have taken the time to read their writing.

The following article addresses an issue I am currently confronted with in my internship.  Which tasks to I say “yes” to, and to which do I say “no”?  How and when do I say “yes” and “no” to potential volunteers under my leadership?  When am I saying “yes” or “no” to God… and for what reasons?  I encourage you to read and reflect:


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  1. Mike
    Jun 18, 2008 @ 21:32:55

    I’m enjoying what you’re posting from other leaders and thinkers, lately, and your insightful commentary on them…but missing your thoughts about your own walk.

    I really enjoyed the concept of ego-evacuation here, particularly because there’s an interesting connection between the human ego and the more scatological implications of “evacuation.”

    Lots of, um, crap involved in ego, egotism, and ego-centrism. 🙂


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