Incredible Love or Incredibly Stupid

Looking back on my lifetime in “church,” I can remember hundreds of ways that “church” failed to live up to God’s call for the Church.  Gossip, broken relationships, passive-aggressive behavior, pride, lies, self-centeredness, affairs, abuse… we are all so very weak and human, so broken and prone to messing things up, so easily deceived by ourselves and by the Evil One, so duped by things that pretend to be good and right.

Today, I’m wondering… why does God trust us with His Church?

It must have something to do with the parenthood of God, I’m thinking. His tenacious love that hangs on to us in spite of our pitiful and immature behavior. God uses broken people, smothered by His grace, to reach broken people, as yet unaware of His smothering grace. It’s the power of grace that enables the Church to do anything within God’s mission.

God is either incredibly in love with His creation, or He is incredibly stupid. Given the miracles I’ve seen in my life— forgiveness, revelation, healing, hope— I’m thinking it’s love.


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  1. Robert Martin
    Jun 10, 2008 @ 10:06:05

    Let me turn this one around… Does God trust us with His church? Or does He expect us to trust Him instead?

    Ultimately, it’s not us who make the church move and grow and change and act. The TRUE church is the body of Christ and it will move where the head tells it to move. We may get in the way, cause it to trip and stumble, but ultimately it’s not up to us what the TRUE church does. God’s purpose and plan will be fulfilled DESPITE what we can do to screw it up.


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