Weeds around my heart

The warm sun beckoned us outside after lunch today.  The kids ran straight for the swings. I followed behind, and before long I was distracted by the wild strawberry weed and grass in the flower garden next to the swingset.  I knelt down and started to pull.

If you know anything about wild strawberry weed, you know that you don’t just pull one weed at a time. This is a vine-like plant that winds its way all around the flower bed.  Thankfully, the roots are pretty shallow, so it’s not impossible to get it out, unlike dandelions and thistles.  It is, however, difficult to be rid of wild strawberries for good. In the nine years we have lived at this house, we have ALWAYS had this type of weed.  It is everywhere… in every flower bed… all around our property.  No matter how often we pull it out, no matter how careful we are about following the vine wherever it goes in the soil and getting every root, it is eternally present. And very annoying.

As I listened to the laughter of my children and pulled these stubborn weeds, I thought about Jesus’ parable of the seeds and the sower.  Weeds choked out some of those Kingdom seeds that were planted.  How sad! I wonder what wild weeds are choking the God-seeds in my heart and soul?  And what weeds are choking our churches– wealth, power, busyness, comfort, entertainment, even family? What stubborn distraction or addiction or sin has wrapped itself around me, around us, sending roots down all over the place, refusing to go away?

I wonder if I am more wild than pruned. I wonder if there are weeds choking me, that I am not even aware of, or that I am more attached to than I realize.  How painful would it be to allow my Lord to pull those viney things?  Wild strawberry weed does not produce much fruit.  God, I do not want to be choked by weeds! Holy Spirit, make me willing to be pruned and weeded.  Make our churches willing! Pull, go ahead and pull.


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  1. Loretta
    Apr 18, 2008 @ 09:23:24

    Greetings Kris Anne,
    I just wanted to drop by and say hello! I’m at work and can not stay long. I will need to do more reading at home. This is an interesting sight.

    What a special lady you are.



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