My Internship!

I waited a few weeks to write this post because there were people my husband and I wanted to tell personally, but now I think the big news is mostly public knowledge. I’m off on a new adventure!

Beginning in June, I will be the Pastoral Intern of Worship and Arts at Highland Park Community Church in Levittown, PA.  This is a small Brethren congregation in the suburbs of Philadelphia, pastored by the lovely Jayne Wilcox, who also graduated from Biblical Seminary (the school I currently attend).  We met when she found me on Facebook, as a fellow member of the Biblical Seminary Group. She went through the LEAD MDiv program as a young mom, just as I am doing now.  It was fun to connect with another mother in ministry!

The church is going through a lot of changes at the moment, re-dreaming who they can be and what kind of ministry they can do in their community of Highland Park.  As part of this transition, Jayne offered me an internship (June 2008-June 2009).  No, we are not moving.  We will (happily?) make the 40 minute trip each Sunday morning with our darling children, who I’m sure will cooperate beautifully with the new routine.  I will help Jayne plan weekly worship, will preach from time and time and begin to build two new ministry teams— a worship team that will lead music each week (traditional and contemporary songs) and a visual arts team that will help to create a worshipful space for the congregation.  One of my passions is to call out and train new leaders, so I’m hoping by the end of my internship year, HPCC will have some new budding leaders in these areas.

I am really excited to spread my wings and try my hand at leadership again. I confess that since my youth pastoring days (1998-2002), I’ve been a little reluctant to call myself a “leader.” I felt like I had failed, made too many mistakes, had too many character flaws to be called a good leader.  But I have not been able to walk away from ministry. God keeps calling me back and whispering in my ear, “I’ve got a job for you to do, Kris Anne. Trust me, I’m molding you. You are who you are for a reason.”

Seminary has lit a new fire under me… it’s burning so brightly right now, I can hardly keep my mouth shut!  I want to get out there and work in the Kingdom fields. I want to nurture God’s people and call out the gifts God has given them.  I want to find the nooks and crannies where God is already working, the places where we just haven’t joined Him yet.  I want to listen to people’s stories, listen for God at work in their lives.  I want to share what I’ve learned about the Truth and beauty and grace in God’s Word.

Any seasoned ministers out there reading this are probably thinking, “Okay, young lady, you are WAY to naive and idealistic about this whole church ministry thing. Just wait. You’ll find out it’s no picnic.”  And they’re probably right.  But I’ve tried to run from this calling before, and it’s nigh impossible.  So I’m ready to go… again!


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jayne
    Apr 03, 2008 @ 12:12:07

    You are going to do great … you will learn more than you can imagine, be transformed inside and outside; you will love and hate, bless and curse, smile and cry … it’s all part of the adventure. In the end you’ll be amazed at the tranformation of your own soul … all God’s doing, but only because you consented to his leading.

    Welcome aboard. I am *so* looking forward to our year together … let’s look back at this post in June 2009 as we watch and see through this next year what great and mighty things He has done.



  2. Aunt Brenda
    Apr 03, 2008 @ 20:59:12

    Hi Kris Anne! I discovered your blog upon reading your reply on Joel’s blog. Congratulations on your internship! I am excited for you. I am sure your mother is smiling from heaven! Your dad must be proud as well! I will pray for you and your family adjust!


  3. Aunt Pam
    Apr 03, 2008 @ 21:54:08

    How exciting! Our blessings and prayers go with you and yours as you enter this new season. I pray that the fire ignited will keep burning even as you run into those times when the flame wavers in the bitter winds. But remember, if the flame is strong enough, it will simply burn brighter and bigger (Can you tell that I am writing this while sitting next to our woodstove fire? :-))
    As minister of worship for our congregation, I would love to hear about some of your ideas and what you find working for your congregation.


  4. krisanneswartley
    Apr 04, 2008 @ 10:50:14

    Thanks, Aunt Pam and Aunt Brenda! It’s a great blessing to have such supportive family. I’m sure I’ll be writing about my experiences a lot over the next year. May you also be blessed in your ministries!


  5. Robert Martin
    Apr 04, 2008 @ 11:42:13

    Wow! Sounds like a lot of fun. If God takes me where it looks like he’s taking me right now, my internship may be in a similar situation. I look forward to reading more about your experiences.


  6. Loretta
    Apr 18, 2008 @ 16:00:03

    Kris Anne,

    When you hang on to where you believe God is leading you what a blessing you will receive and give!

    I have just been through a study of the Patriarches (sp? – spelling is never my strong suite) and one of the things that impressed me in this study is how God worked through the weaknesses of the Patriarches. They were strongest when they allowed God to be in control. I have to be allow God to be in control and work through my weaknesses for His Glory. This is very hard for me.

    Kris Anne I believe you will shine with God’s Glory as you do his work.


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