The Comparison Game

“Mommy, you love Ben more than me.”  “I never get to do fun stuff like that!”  “It’s not fair!”

If I could count how many times I hear phrases like these in the course of a few days, I’m sure the number would surprise most people.  Lately, I have been highly frustrated by Heidi’s obsession with comparing herself, her room, her life, with others…. and then it ocurred to me that I do the same thing.  Many of us do.

Most women my age still have their mothers.  That mom over there has someone to clean her house for her.  That pastor does not have to worry about being judged by gender.  She has a strong group of friends around her. He has more freedom. He has had more opportunities. They have more money. She’s a better mom. Their kids are better behaved.  It’s the comparison game.

What is it about our human nature that sucks us into this trap? I want out! …or do I?  Sometimes it’s easier to play this game than to examine my own heart and my own life.  If I envy others and stare longingly at what they have or who they are, I am not centered on Christ.  When I am jealous, I am not thankful.  And though it appears that my eyes are on THEM instead of Jesus, really my eyes are on ME.

The comparison game is exceedingly self-centered.  And my life is not my own, not anymore.


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  1. Jamie
    Mar 28, 2008 @ 18:34:16

    Aaah. . . it is a trick of human nature. We are always trying to keep up with the Joneses — which IS a really self-centered way to go about things!

    I said to one of my friends once that perfection was a weapon we used against ourselves — that we essentially were attempting to measure ourselves against others, when we were unique. That it put us into an almost delusional state, because to believe that we are anything but unique creatures, to think that we should compare ourselves to others, is to lose sight of reality.

    We are all handed a beautiful, unique, and special gift. We must realize that the best things we can do with this gift is not to compare it to the Joneses, but to grasp onto it and make it every thing we can.

    I told my stepdaughter that often, we get so caught up in statements like ‘I don’t want to be like _____,’ instead of attempting to forge our own path and understand what we DO want to be like.

    “When I am jealous, I am not thankful,” is such a beautiful statement. Thank you for sharing!


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